Bentley Motors visits Vancouver

February 25 - Bentley Vancouver had the pleasure of welcoming two exlcusive guests to the showroom: Christophe Georges, President and COO of Bentley Motors and Paul Heenan, Regional GM North for Bentley Motors. Georges and Heenan were welcomed by Dean Rideout, MCL Motor Cars' General Sales Manager, and Jonathan Wang, Bentley Sales Specialists. Not only were Georges and Heenan given a tour of the Bentley Vancouver showroom, but they were also given a look at Bentley Vancouver's future home set to open mid-2014.

Thank you to the following publications for being present and make sure to check back for their interviews coming soon:

Montecristo Magazine
Vancouver Sun
Fairchild Radio
Boulevard Magazine

(L-R) Jonathan Wang, Paul Heenan, Christophe Georges, Dean Rideout

Dean Rideout (Back) and Christophe Georges (Front)

(L-R) Jonathan Wang, Christophe Georges

(L-R) Jonathan Wang, Paul Heenan, Dean Rideout

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