Bentley Motors and GQ Partnership

Bentley Motors is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the UK's leading premium men's magazine.

Bentley is teaming up with GQ magazine to deliver strong, stylish editorial, showcasing the marque's beautiful cars and cutting-edge values.

As part of the activity, GQ will be commissioning their own car - a Continental GT Speed. The story of the commissioning process will be told in a full colour supplement to the printed version of June's GQ Magazine.  This supplement will be included in every copy of the June edition of British GQ. Additionally, GQ in the USA, Germany and China will include this supplement in forthcoming editions. 

In addition to the printed supplement, a film about GQ commissioning its own Bentley, photography and blogs on the theme of 'New Luxury'  will be showcased at the GQ online hub.  To see the Bentley 'Made for me' story online visit British GQ online.

To purchase your copy of the June edition of British GQ, please go to or enquire at your nearest magazine retailer.

Watch the story of GQ commissioning their Bentley Continental GT Speed below.

Date Posted: July 8, 2013

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