The Mulsanne is much more than a simple pairing of luxury with power. Its fearsome acceleration, for example, is felt not as a sudden blast forward, but as a smooth surge of seemingly limitless power. The character of the V8 engine note, barely perceptible from inside the cabin while the car is cruising, builds to a rich, powerful roar on acceleration when the throttle is opened wide.

For those with the drive to change the world, the Mulsanne is much more than a supremely comfortable car. It is both a place to make plans and a catalyst that can make them happen.

Sculpted In Metal,
Shaped By Air.
The Mulsanne is a sight to behold. Superforming technology has created striking design lines - sweeping yet sharp, they bestow a unique aura of power and refinement. 
A Look Like No Other Car
The Mulsanne's large, inset headlamps are instantly recognisable as those of a Bentley, while remaining unique to the Mulsanne. They flank the iconic Bentley matrix grille that covers the radiator, finished in eye-catching polished stainless steel.

Unique To The Mulsanne
The alloy wheels represent yet another feature designed and crafted just for the Mulsanne. Together with their counterpart exterior details, they serve to identify a modern automotive classic.
The Extra Mile
Nevertheless, options to enhance the exterior do exist. The front wings can be adorned with 'Flying B' style wing vents as part of the Mulliner Driving Specification*, for example, while perhaps the most distinguishing addition that can be made is the trademark 'Flying B' radiator mascot*.
*Available as a cost option. 

A Leaner Take On Luxury
The Mulsanne benefits from a re-engineered V8 engine, providing extra range and improvements in efficiency of 13%. Yet with an 8-speed automatic transmission boasting an electronic shift interface, there is no compromise on performance: the Mulsanne is capable of 184 mph (296 km/h).
It's What's Inside That Counts
The effect of this refined power is striking, whether experienced from the driver's seat or as a passenger in the back. The atmosphere remains tranquil, even as the outside world disappears in a blur.

Quality As Well As Velocity
While a Sport mode exists for the serious driver - complete with a steering wheel-mounted paddleshift system - it is important to note that the Mulsanne was built for more than dynamic driving. Because life is about more than the speed one can get from A to B. It's about the quality of the driving experience and the style in which the story is written.
Max power
505bhp / 377kW / 512PS @ 4200rpm

Max speed
184 mph / 296km/h

0 - 60mph 5.1 seconds / 0 - 100km/h 5.3 seconds
Made For the Most Demanding Drivers
The Mulsanne sees traditional craftsmanship teamed with ultra-modern automotive technology, to create an environment like no other. It is a space designed for thinkers. For visionaries. For drivers and passengers who insist on perfection.

A Place Where Millimetres Matter.
Attention to detail is everything in the Mulsanne. The dashboard is measured to accommodate the thickness of leather that wraps around it precisely. The infotainment screen it surrounds, meanwhile, can be concealed behind a veneered panel when not required for route navigation, rear camera view or other control functions.
A Car That Never Forgets
The entry system supports pre-programmed configurations for multiple drivers, automatically adjusting the car's settings, depending on who takes the wheel. Radio stations, phone books, steering column, seat belt and seat settings (including front and rear ventilation and massage modes) can all be pre-programmed and stored. The result is a car that remembers your every preference.


For those with the drive to change the world, the Mulsanne is much more than a supremely comfortable car. It is both a place to make plans and a catalyst that can make them happen.
Mulsanne Speed
On the road, the new Mulsanne Speed combines an imposing appearance with the substance to support its style, its name resoundingly proclaiming a new pinnacle. This is the most dynamic, most exquisite expression of the powerful luxury for which Bentley stands.

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