The First Ever Bentley SUV.

Bentayga takes exquisite luxury into new territory, challenging preconceptions of what an SUV can be. It offers unrivalled comfort and refinement with complete control even in the harshest of conditions.

From the moment you set eyes on Bentayga, you can see it is every inch a Bentley. The subtle reinterpretation of the marque's signature design traits, from the super-formed, ultra sharp powerline to the handcrafted interior. It is the perfect balance between sporting prowess and SUV presence. Innovative technology completes the experience, connecting the driver and passengers with Bentley's most advanced, intuitive infotainment and driver assistance technologies.

The all-new W12 engine is breathtakingly powerful with a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h). But performance is not just about unadulterated speed. Bentayga can tow up to 3,500kg with consummate ease and takes all kinds of off-road conditions in its stride.
Exterior Design
Bentayga features an intelligent mix of materials, with an advanced aluminium exterior, covering a structure that blends aluminium castings with a high-strength steel. Each curve and line is defined by our signature sharp lines and seamless surfaces. This is particularly noticeable in the front wings where an innovative superforming technique creates the muscular powerline that runs the length of the flank and over the wheel arch.

This innovative approach also allows the fully adaptive LED lamps, with integrated washers, to fit flush to the body, creating the striking impression that they are floating in the bodywork. Extensive brightware and optional 22" fully-forged and machined aluminium wheels - the largest ever created for a production Bentley - add a further level of eye-catching detail.
Interior Design
Handcrafted in Crewe by our experts, the interior of Bentayga is elegant and refined, finished with the most exquisite materials. Easily visible from outside the vehicle, the quilted shoulders echo the compact squares and fine tailoring of classic shooting jackets, giving a tantalising glimpse of the craftsmanship that awaits inside. The cockpit architecture is based on double Bentley wings, giving it balance and symmetry, with a unique sense of calm. The beautiful wood veneers are carefully selected, cut and matched to create a seamless flow of high-gloss wood around the entire interior. Solid metal detailing with precision finishes add another dimension. The whole cabin is flooded with light from the panoramic roof, adding to the sense of space, comfort and luxury.
Mulliner Driving Specification
Mulliner is our specialist coachbuilding department. Their aim is to take one of our cars and go beyond personalisation, using unrivalled craftsmanship to produce a bespoke model.
With Bentayga, the Mulliner Driving Specification interior, designed at the Bentley factory in Crewe, is included. Featuring iconic quilting on the seats and doors, with drilled sports pedals and a Jewel Filler Cap it adds Mulliner's sporting heritage to an already extraordinary vehicle.
Colour and Choice
Bentayga offers a choice of more paints, leathers and veneers than any other SUV. You can choose from a portfolio of our most popular exterior colours. There are also fifteen interior leather colours that give you the opportunity to personalise the cabin of your Bentayga. Plus, seven veneers offer a choice of a traditional or contemporary finish, highlighted by a pinstripe on the fascia that adds an exceptional level of detail to the interior.

You may also choose from an extended range of 90 colours, as well as our bespoke colour matching service. Bentayga Bronze exterior paint - exclusive to the SUV at launch, is available as part of our extended range. It was chosen for its intrinsic beauty and long association with famous luxury brands.
Event Seat
Bentayga's many features make every occasion special. Its innovative Event Seat is the perfect example of why. The patented sliding and folding seat is trimmed in leather and finished with diamond quilting for comfort. You can enjoy a grandstand view of activities around you, shaded by the tailgate during the day or illuminated by the built-in stage lighting from above at night. When you're ready to pack up and leave, the seat slides away with ease. It can also be used as a convenient luggage divider.
Bentayga has the power, performance and technological prowess to impose itself on the most challenging of terrains, yet with the craftsmanship and finesse to withstand the most extreme scrutiny. As you'd expect, to take on these uncompromising environments the development of Bentayga's engine has been equally relentless, ensuring it performs at its peak on or off road. 
The New W12 Engine
Launched with Bentayga, the all-new Bentley W12 petrol engine with Variable Displacement is the most technologically advanced 12-cylinder in the world. A ground-up redesign delivers the best combination of power, torque and efficiency in any SUV. Every part of the engine has been redesigned for performance and efficiency, with the first combination of direct-injection and port-injection technologies in a production engine from Bentley. It switches seamlessly between the two to deliver the most efficient performance.
Speed and Power
Bentayga is extraordinarily powerful, taking you from a standing start to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h 4.1 seconds), with a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h). But it's not all unadulterated speed. The design of the twin turbochargers has been optimised to deliver better performance and efficiency than ever before. And Bentayga is more than capable of putting its torque to work in other practical ways. The new W12 engine delivers 5-90% torque within 1.1 seconds, twice as fast as its predecessor. This also helps Bentayga operate perfectly in all off-road conditions, at lateral and longitudinal angles of up to 35°.

Bentley Dynamic Ride
Bentayga features the first 48V electronic Active Roll Control in any car for exceptional response times. As the vehicle goes into a corner, the system automatically minimises body roll. The Active Roll Control delivers automatic individual wheel control over bumpy surfaces to improve ride comfort. Improved body control and chassis response make handling easier giving you added confidence in any on-road conditions. Off-road, the system delivers increased axle articulation for improved grip and greater comfort levels.

Drive Dynamics Mode
The power to take on the planet's most challenging surfaces is at your fingertips in the Bentayga. Drive Dynamics Mode offers the smoothest of rides, over the toughest of environments, with absolute confidence and total control. Switch between four settings - Comfort, Sport, Custom and Bentley - using an intuitive rotary control.

Drive Dynamics makes choosing the right mode for your mood or conditions simple. Comfort mode gives you the optimum balance between comfort and performance; Sport mode delivers a performance driving experience and Bentley mode is optimised to give the most refined and comfortable driving experience. If you want to personalise the settings to suit your driving style, simply select Custom mode.

Bentayga is leading the way in technological advances at Bentley. Our aim is to let you feel the effects of powerful technology, not be overwhelmed by it. Each piece of technology has been seamlessly integrated into the vehicle to offer intelligent functionality. The subtle application of this extraordinary technology means you hardly notice it until you need it.

The intelligent functionality makes every journey more comfortable and satisfying, whether you're in the driving seat or relaxing as a passenger. 
The Naim for Bentley audio system takes in-car music playback to another level, immersing you in sound. Driven by a 1800 watt amplifier, it is the most powerful audio system available in an SUV. The eighteen speakers include nine combined mid-range and tweeters and a 300 watt sub-woofer. A pair of super tweeters extends the high frequencies, giving the system the widest frequency range ever experienced in a car.
Passengers will find plenty to keep them occupied in the rear seats of Bentayga, whether they are enjoying the view as the world glides by or exploring the many infotainment options. The rear headrests feature two 10.2" entertainment tablets that connect you with the vehicle's entertainment systems. With the convenience of a mobile tablet, you can tap into everything the car's infotainment system has to offer, or lose yourself in your own world with the Bluetooth headphones. The tablets can also be used as fully functional handheld devices whether you're in or out of the car. An impressive array of features includes internal memory, micro SD and USB slots.
Bentayga can go anywhere, but thanks to a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, you can stay connected to the wider world. Bentayga can integrate your iPhone through Apple CarPlay . This technology instantly connects your smartphone to the vehicle so you can play music, navigate to your next destination, take calls and access apps easily and safely.
Driver Assistance
Bentayga features more than ten new Driver Assistance systems for urban driving, longer distance touring and more robust off-roading. Head-up display, where important information is projected onto the windscreen so the driver can keep eyes on the road. Night Vision can recognise animals and people, however dark it is outside. Along with Blind Spot Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition, all of these technologies are born of 'intelligent functionality'. All are seamlessly integrated into the car's design with a focus on enhancing and perfecting the driver experience. Its hi-tech display systems, built-in cameras and sensor-based driver assistance technologies create the feeling that you are not just in the landscape. You are part of it.
Touchscreen Technology
You can configure the 8" Touchscreen to display key information of your choice, like the home screen on your smartphone. Frequently used menus are easily accessed, along with hard keys that operate the radio, navigation, media and telephone. The Touch Screen Remote, located in the rear centre console of Bentayga allows passengers to control the main infotainment systems, including radio, and media, along with seat functions including massage settings and rear climate control.
Bentayga's Navigation system is enhanced by Online Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI), which provides a live view of current traffic conditions. A red, amber and green colour code is overlaid on the maps to deliver a clear and immediate view of potential traffic issues.
Google Earth and Street View use data streamed directly from Google, which is then displayed onto the 8" screen. POI search uses the Google database to find local points of interest.

Bentley's SUV takes the class to a new level. Imposing and capable, Bentayga has been conceived and crafted to open up a realm of luxury and performance previously unattainable in an SUV.

With a vast range of options and opportunities to personalise, together with ground-breaking technology that opens up new experiences, it is as unique as it is unexpected. With innovation at its heart, it displays unprecedented power, speed and efficiency, setting new standards in the SUV sector.

Wherever Bentayga takes you, it will help you see it through new eyes.
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